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Im Ethan, nice to meet you <3 i'm an artist, a musician, an animator, and also a youtuber that is close to 100 subs, so plz subscribe ^^
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hope we can be friends ^^

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Posted by FrostWalkerZyNG - 1 month ago

Soo its been a while, school has already started here at the Phillipines ( yes, im asian )

Sorry if i havent posted stuff in so long

School has been a pain in the ass recently

everything is just down right horrible

my classmates are fucking retards thinking its a good idea to Online date in the School's group chat

and for some fucking reason they do phone sex on the School's GC but the teachers are too old to realise wtf is going on so the teachers just dont really care

whats worse is the fact that theres one girl that i just met and when i meamt just met, i mean LITERALLY 5 MINUTES AGO starting simping for me asking to be her bf thinking its

"love in first sight"

sorry bitch, im staying as a virgin till im 25 lol

im cringing how bad this new generation in the philipines has become

Sure you might say im a boomer but if youre in my situation its just


Gotdammit why cant i just be born in the early 2000's just like @DjGreenJes or any other NG user that grew up with flash cartoons and stuff

anyways heres an art (well if you can call it art)

of me stressed out as my classmates just keep orgy'ing arround

as i answer my modules send help plz

also take care yall

ill miss you and yall are the reason i do art <3

shoutouts to very cool ppl








anyways heres the art i was talking a few seconds ago


if you want sauce i have an uncensored version of this but i might as well delete it before mom sees it in my phone

but heres the version where theres no naughty stuff in it at all


take care yall

ill be ok


Comments (12)

Tbh I need a gf

I want the sauce

Preferably bbq

You WILL have a gf one day
you just gotta wait :)

Lad, those classmates are demented if they do phone nono.
Hope ya get well.

@Fungus-Glowgus235 A LOT of schools are like this

Including mine

@Doggonnys Lad, what kind of school are you in?


A school in Lancaster

@Doggonnys holly merry mother of joseph.

@Fungus-Glowgus235 ikr

@Fungus-Glowgus235 a lot of penis drawings too

@Doggonnys yea its common in schools, especialy in high schools.

Since I have found you, you had less fans, now look at you. You have been the bestest friend I have ever had, without you I don't know what to do. But if I'm talking to my gf, I'll never forget you my friend. And if you're feeling depressed, I'll be here everyday. Hope you have a fantastic day my dude :3 <33

Life has Changed a Lot.. ;-;

@SDSandz true mah boi

@Doggonnys @FrostWalkerZyNG

I got one

it didn't work out lol